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     A Message from Gloria's Heart:


 Welcome to my website! I am happy you took the time to visit here today. It has been awhile since I last shared any updates on this site so let me do that.

I am spending time between Missouri and Florida these days, as I determine exactly where I will reside permanently.

I just completed a three-week ministry trip to Virginia, W. Virginia, Georgia and Alabama. My next trip takes me to Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana. As you can see, I am still out on the road quite a bit in ministry. I love ministering, but I confess the traveling is not as pleasant as it once was.

God has granted me protection and favor, for over 47 years now, as I have traveled to every state and even to other countries sharing His precious Word through music and speaking.

1st Timothy 1:12 has been my theme scripture, and I am very aware that He has enabled me to carry out His call upon my life. This scripture says, “And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord who hath enabled me, for that He counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry.”

I pray today that each one who stops by this site will be blessed in some way and challenged to be an instrument of His love and mercy to others. Consider yourself a minister if you know you are a disciple of Jesus Christ, for we are all called, just in many different ways.

He is counting on us to get His Word out while there is yet time, so let’s be faithful in whatever position He has called us to. Perhaps you are a doctor, a nurse, or any number of careers at various places of employment; but you can minister in very quiet, yet effective ways by just being His hands and voice at a time of need in someone’s life.

Let’s be faithful and excited to represent our Lord.
Go have a great day... and stop by again!







“How Great Is Our God” … Gloria’s much anticipated new CD, is now available.

The songs chosen for this album are ones that Gloria sang as a young girl and continues to love these year later. It is her hope, as well, that those whose lives are broken and who need to come back to their journey with Jesus may find their way back through the messages in these songs.

Gloria’s newest composition, “We’re Going Home,” is on this recording.  The production and orchestration—as well as her vocals—on this and the other tracks is masterful!

 The song list for this CD is on the Buy Gloria's Music page, as are instructions for ordering the product. At a later time we will have downloads available from this site as well as another venue.



Published on Jan 30, 2015

Hosted by CTN Founder & President Bob and Jane D'Andrea, 
Guest: Gloria Elliott

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Now available — Gloria’s book

The Bitter Sweet / Never Give Up!


The life and story of Gloria Elliott has woven its way into the fabric of my mind because of the mixture of her tragedies and her triumphs. As I read over the words Gloria wrote, it became a captivating experience for me because I realized the words she wrote are real… real life… really honest, real life!” 

Gary McSpadden — Minister; Singer; Author; Songwriter


To order, send a check or money order for $12.00 to:

Gloria Elliott

PO Box 1286

Branson, MO 65615

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DO check Gloria's updated ministry calendar page

 often to see when she will be in your area.

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